sábado, 9 de fevereiro de 2008

it must be really comfortable to be like you.
why is that?
you're always fine,having lots of chicks around you.it's just so easy.
it's not that i am always fine but YOU are always bad.
it's hard for you to understand.some boys like girls and that's fine.
some boys like boys and they suffer.but it's the price you pay.
i hate gays.
that's what i'm talking about(prejudice,discrimination).some people even like animals to be their "fuck buddy".
but what can you do when you don't like any of them?
kill yourself.
i've tried but my mother needs me,it would be quite selfish.that's why i'm always sad.
do you know masturbation?
nothing can sex me up.
man,how did you get to this point?
i don't know.i really would like to know...

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