quinta-feira, 7 de maio de 2009

So sorry

I'm sorry for betraying myself and for the pain I've been causing to my mind.I'm sorry for the problems I've created and that are much bigger than I am.I'm sorry for being who I am.I'm sorry that my ambitions just don't match my personality.Actually,I shouldn't be sorry for any of theses thing 'cause it's not my fault.The way I've been created,have just brought me here and now it's inside of me in a way I just can't pull it off.It's horrible,of course.I feel like the most troubled and lonely teenage on Earth.And I'm sure that my pain is quite different from everybody else's pain.And that it hurts much more,obviously.I don't know why should I suffer that much.It feels like killing my mother for this kind of thing.For making me be the monster I am today.The Loser,the Weak,the Sad,the Mistakened,the Lonely.

OBS.:Eu escrevo o mesmo texto há um ano.A língua muda,as palavras mudam,mas no fundo é o mesmo texto.

2 comentários:

Báah - Thoughtless disse...

Eu tenho as mesmas sensações sobre os meus textos.
Mas penso que as minhas dores são quem tornam o que eu sou.

Mari. disse...

que freudiano isso...