quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2008

Myxomatosis(it aches harder and harder,day by day)

I'm a rabbit.I'm sick.Really sick.It aches harder and harder,day by day.They told me I have myxomatosis.I don't know what myxomatosis is.They told me it was a disease.And I became sad thinking about the disease I had,and didn't know how to cure.The doctors here are just like that.You pay,they press your finger against the wall and tell you your disease.But they don't have treatments or ways to cure the diseases they discover.Now I have three diseases:Myxomatosis,Sadness and Stress.They say,nowadays,it's normal to feel sad and depressed,but if it was bothering me too much,I could go downtown and have a personal psychiatrist.
I bought the psychiatrist and everyday I talked to him about my problems.The only thing he used to say was:
_Try to relax and rest a little bi(t).
He had a problem to pronounce the word bit,and just used to say bi.Instead of buying a new one,I sent him to rubbish.The other day I went to see the doctor again and he told me that I needed a girfriend.I went to lots of parties looking for rabbit girls,but I was too sick and no female wanted me.I didn't find a girl for me,but I found out how much I liked to drink whisky by myself. So I bought a couple of bottles of whiskey and drank all of them,by myself,of course.I realized I was spending too much money with whisky,so I decided to stop.But,incredibly,I just couldn't do it.I didn´t have the strength or power to do it.So I went to the doctor once more,and he told me that If I paid him a little quantity of money,he could show me a group for rabbits with alcoholic problems.
Then,he took me there.There,I met rabbits with the same problems I had and I felt comfortable knowing I was not alone.I stopped drinking and now I play Rabbit Soccer with my alcoholic meeting partners.Life was so good!I just felt pleasure!No more pain!But,one day,I was reading an article from a very nice local newspaper,and I saw a doctor talking about a disease called Myxomatosis.And then I thought:
_Oh!I've got myxomatosis!I'll read the article so I can get the help I need to heal it.
The article was from a medicine man from a tribe of rabbits on the other side of the ocean.It had a really hard and technical vocabulary,though.But the only thing I could understand from it was that Myxomatosis is a disease that kills rabbits.Since then,I've been really worried about it.Worried about how much time I had.And I decided I would never go out again,because I could pass it to another rabbit.And it really hurts now.I think I'm going to die.It aches harder and harder,day by day.

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Anônimo disse...

É quando eu leio esses textos que eu percebo o quanto sou superficial.